Proton - lambda correlations in central Au+Au collisions at S(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeV
Phys.Rev.C 74 (2006) 064906, 2006.
The STAR collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
We report on $p-\Lambda$, $p-\bar{\Lambda}$, $\bar{p}-\Lambda$, and $\bar{p}-\bar{\Lambda}$ correlation functions constructed in central $Au-Au$ collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV by the STAR experiment at RHIC. The proton and lambda source size is inferred from the $p-\Lambda$ and $\bar{p}-\bar{\Lambda}$ correlation functions. It is found to be smaller than the pion source size also measured by the STAR experiment at smaller transverse masses, in agreement with a scenario of a strong universal collective flow. The $p-\bar{\Lambda}$ and $\bar{p}-\Lambda$ correlation functions, which are measured for the first time, exhibit a large anticorrelation. Annihilation channels and/or a negative real part of the spin-averaged scattering length must be included in the final-state interactions calculation to reproduce the measured correlation function.

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