Measurement of the Bottom contribution to non-photonic electron production in $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} $=200 GeV
Phys.Rev.Lett. 105 (2010) 202301, 2010.
The STAR collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
The contribution of $B$ meson decays to nonphotonic electrons, which are mainly produced by the semileptonic decays of heavy-flavor mesons, in $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=200$ GeV has been measured using azimuthal correlations between nonphotonic electrons and hadrons. The extracted $B$ decay contribution is approximately $50\%$ at a transverse momentum of $p_{T} \geq 5$ GeV/$c$. These measurements constrain the nuclear modification factor for electrons from $B$ and $D$ meson decays. The result indicates that $B$ meson production in heavy ion collisions is also suppressed at high $p_{T}$.

Version 2 modifications: Corrected the representation of systematic uncertainties

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