Transverse-momentum p(t) correlations on (eta, phi) from mean-p(t) fluctuations in Au-Au collisions at s(NN)**1/2 = 200-GeV
J.Phys.G 32 (2006) L37-L48, 2006.
The STAR collaboration

We present first measurements of the pseudorapidity and azimuth $(\eta,\phi)$ bin-size dependence of event-wise mean transverse momentum $<p_{t} >$ fluctuations for Au-Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeV. We invert that dependence to obtain $p_t$ autocorrelations on differences $(\eta_\Delta,\phi_\Delta)$ interpreted to represent velocity/temperature distributions on ($\eta,\phi$). The general form of the autocorrelations suggests that the basic correlation mechanism is parton fragmentation. The autocorrelations vary strongly with collision centrality, which suggests that fragmentation is strongly modified by a dissipative medium in the more central

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