Suppression and azimuthal anisotropy of prompt and nonprompt J/psi production in PbPb collisions at sqrt(s[NN]) = 2.76 TeV

The CMS collaboration
Eur.Phys.J.C 77 (2017) 252, 2017.

Abstract (data abstract)
CERN-LHC. The nuclear modification factor $R_{AA}$ and the azimuthal anisotropy coefficient $v_{2}$ of prompt and nonprompt (i.e. those from decays of b hadrons) J/$\psi$ mesons, measured from PbPb and pp collisions at $\sqrt{\mathrm{s_{NN}}}$=2.76 TeV at the LHC, are reported. The results are presented in several event centrality intervals and several kinematic regions, for transverse momenta $p_{T}>$6.5 GeV/c and rapidity $|y|<$2.4, extending down to $p_{T}$=3 GeV/c in the 1.6$<|y|<$2.4 range. The $v_{2}$ of prompt J/$\psi$ is found to be nonzero and constant over the full kinematic range studied, while the measured $v_{2}$ of nonprompt J/$\psi$ is consistent with zero. The $R_{AA}$ of prompt J/$\psi$ exhibits a suppression that increases with centrality but does not vary as a function of either y or $p_{T}$ in the fiducial range. The nonprompt J/$\psi$ $R_{AA}$ shows a suppression which becomes stronger as rapidity or $p_{T}$ increase. The $v_{2}$ and nuclear suppression of open and hidden charm, and of open charm and beauty, are compared. See arXiv:1610.00613 for more details.

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