New constraints on ultraheavy dark matter from the LZ experiment

The LZ collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 109 (2024) 112010, 2024.

Abstract (data abstract)
Points representing the 90% confidence level upper limits assuming two contrasting dark matter models. First, a spin-independent, scattering model in which the differential cross section for the DM-nucleus elastic scattering scales as A^4 with the DM-nucleon elastic scattering differential cross section (A is the nuclear mass number). Second, a spin-independent, scattering model in which no coherent enhancement of the per-nucleon cross section is assumed. This can be interpreted as billiard ball scattering between the dark matter particle and the target nucleus. The upper limit corresponding to the MIMP search analysis ("ms"), and the extrapolated limit from the WIMP search analysis to high dark matter masses ("ss") are shown in each case. The points are expressed in units of GeV/c^2 and cm^2 for mass and cross section, respectively.

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