Inclusive Lambda/c production in e+ e- annihilations at s**(1/2) = 10.54-GeV and in Upsilon(4S) decays.

The BaBar collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 75 (2007) 012003, 2007.

Abstract (data abstract)
SLAC-PEP2. Measurement of inclusive charmed Lambda/C+ mesons in E+ E- interactions in the continuum at centre-of-mass energy 10.54 GeV and from the UPSILON(4S) resonance at 10.58 GeV. The data samples have an integrated luminosities of 9.5 fb-1 on the continuum and 81 fb-1 on the UPSILON(4S).. In the tables the first DSYS error is the independent systematic error and the second the correlated systematic error which does not include the overall normalization error and branching fraction uncertainty.

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