Backward electroproduction of pi0 mesons on protons in the region of nucleon resonances at four momentum transfer squared Q**2 = 1.0-GeV**2.

The JLab Hall A collaboration
Phys.Rev.C 69 (2004) 045203, 2004.

Abstract (data abstract)
Jefferson Lab-CEBAF. Hall A Collaboration. Measurement of the cross sections for backward electroproduction of PI0 mesons on protons using a 4 GeV electron beam. The data are at a Q**2 of 1 GeV**2 and an azimuthal angle of 75 degrees which is the angle between the leptonic and hadronic planes. The data are presented as a function of W, the centre of mass energies of the GAMMA* P system and COS(THETA*) where THETA* is the polar angle of the PI0 in the pion-proton system. Cross sections are given for the combination of longitudinal and transverse components SIG(L) + EPSILON*SIG(T) and inteference components SIG(TU) and SIG(TT). Epsilon is the virtual photon polarization.

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