Elastic and quasielastic p p scattering in LiH-6 and LiD-6 targets between 1.1-GeV and 2.4-GeV

Eur.Phys.J.C 11 (1999) 51-67, 1999.

Abstract (data abstract)
SACLAY-SATURNE-II. Measurement of the analysing power, spin correlation parameter, CNN, depolarization parameter, DNN, and the polarization transfer parameter KNN, in elastic and quasi-elastic scattering of a polarized proton beam on polarized Li6 compounds and a polarized CH2 target. The beam/target polarization are oriented vertically, and data cover the region in kinetic energy from 1.1 to 2.4 GeV. In table 2 the results are given for hydrogen in the LiH target (C=H), or bound protons in the LiD target (C=Li+D(+H)) where the (+H) refers to the small amount of H in the LiD target. By subtraction of the hydrogen effect in LiH the contribution of protons in Li was deduced (C=Li).

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