a_1(1260) dominance in the process e+e- \to 4\pi at energies 1.05--1.38 GeV

The CMD-2 collaboration
Phys.Lett.B 466 (1999) 392-402, 1999.

Abstract (data abstract)
NOVOSIBIRSK-VEPP-2M Collider. Measurement of the cross sections for the 4 PI processes E+ E- --& gt; PI+ PI- 2PI0 and E+ E- --& gt; 2PI+ 2PI- in the energy range 1.05 to 1.38 GeV. The data were recorded in 1997 at the VEPP-2M collider and have an integrated luminosity of 5.8 pb-1.. Numerical values supplied by S. Eidelman.

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