Measurements of $e^{+} e^{-} \to K^{+} K^{-} \eta$, $K^{+} K^{-} \pi^0$ and $K^0_{s} K^\pm \pi^\mp$ cross- sections using initial state radiation events

The BaBar collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 77 (2008) 092002, 2008.

Abstract (data abstract)
SLAC-PEP2. Measurement of the cross sections for the final states (K0S K+ PI-+), (K+ K- PI0), (PHI ETA) and (PHI PI0) in Initial Satae Radiation events from E+ E- interactions at energies from threshold to 4.6 GeV. The data come from a sample of integrated luminosity 232 fb-1.

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