Cross sections for the reactions $e^+ e^-\to K_S^0 K_L^0$, $K_S^0 K_L^0 \pi^+\pi^-$, $K_S^0 K_S^0 \pi^+\pi^-$, and $K_S^0 K_S^0 K^+K^-$ from events with initial-state radiation

The BaBar collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 092002, 2014.

Abstract (data abstract)
SLAC-PEP2. We study the processes E+ E- --> KS KL GAMMA, KS KL PI+ PI- GAMMA, KS KS PI+ PI- GAMMA, and KS KS K+ K- GAMMA, where the photon is radiated from the initial state, providing cross section measurements for the hadronic states over a continuum of center-of-mass energies. The results are based on 469 inverse femtobarns of data collected with the BaBar detector at SLAC. We observe the PHI(1020) resonance in the KS KL final state and measure the product of its electronic width and branching fraction with about 3% uncertainty. We present a measurement of the E+ E- --> KS KL cross section in the energy range from 1.06 to 2.2 GeV and observe the production of a resonance at 1.67 GeV. We present the first measurements of the E+ E- --> KS KL PI+ PI-, KS KS PI+ PI-, and KS KS K+ K- cross sections, and study the intermediate resonance structures. We obtain the first observations of J/PSI decay to the KS KL PI+ PI-, KS KS PI+ PI-, and KS KS K+ K- final states.

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