Measurement of charged-particle spectra in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{{s}_\mathsf{{NN}}} = 2.76$ TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
JHEP 1509 (2015) 050
The ATLAS collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
CERN-LHC. Charged-particle spectra obtained in 0.15 nb${}^{-1}$ of Pb+Pb interactions at $\sqrt{{s}_\mathsf{{NN}}}=2.76$TeV and 4.2 pb${}^{-1}$ of pp interactions at $\sqrt{s}=2.76$ TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC are presented in a wide transverse momentum ($0.5 < p_{\mathrm{T}} < 150$ GeV) and pseudorapidity ($|\eta|<2$) range. For Pb+Pb collisions, the spectra are presented as a function of collision centrality, which is determined by the response of the forward calorimeter located on both sides of the interaction point. The nuclear modification factors $R_{\mathrm{AA}}$ and $R_{\mathrm{CP}}$ are presented in detail as function of centrality, $p_{\mathrm{T}}$ and $\eta$. They show a distinct $p_{\mathrm{T}}$-dependence with a pronounced minimum at about 7 GeV. Above 60 GeV, $R_{\mathrm{AA}}$ is consistent with a plateau at a centrality-dependent value, within the uncertainties. The value is $0.55\pm0.01(stat.)\pm0.04(syst.)$ in the most central collisions. The $R_{\mathrm{AA}}$ distribution is consistent with flat $|\eta|$ dependence over the whole transverse momentum range in all centrality classes.

Version 2 modifications: Tables with data points corresponding the centrality bins not shown in the paper were added

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