Measurements of prompt charm production cross-sections in $pp$ collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV

The LHCb collaboration
JHEP 03 (2016) 159, 2016.

Abstract (data abstract)
Production cross-sections of prompt charm mesons are measured with the first data from $pp$ collisions at the LHC at a centre-of-mass energy of $13\,\mathrm{TeV}$. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of $4.98 \pm 0.19\,\mathrm{pb}^{-1}$ collected by the LHCb experiment. The production cross-sections of $D^{0}$, $D^{+}$, $D_{s}^{+}$, and $D^{*+}$ mesons are measured in bins of charm meson transverse momentum, $p_{\mathrm{T}}$, and rapidity, $y$, and cover the range $0 < p_{\mathrm{T}} < 15\,\mathrm{GeV}/c$ and $2.0 < y < 4.5$. The inclusive cross-sections for the four mesons, including charge conjugation, within the range of $1 < p_{\mathrm{T}} < 8\,\mathrm{GeV}/c$ are found to be \begin{equation*} \sigma(pp \to D^{0} X) = 2072 \pm \phantom{1}2 \pm 124\,\mu\mathrm{b} \end{equation*} \begin{equation*} \sigma(pp \to D^{+} X) = 834 \pm \phantom{1}2 \pm 78\,\mu\mathrm{b} \end{equation*} \begin{equation*} \sigma(pp \to D_{s}^{+} X) = 353 \pm \phantom{1}9 \pm 76\,\mu\mathrm{b} \end{equation*} \begin{equation*} \sigma(pp \to D^{*+} X) = 784 \pm \phantom{1}4 \pm 87\,\mu\mathrm{b} , \end{equation*} where the uncertainties are due to statistical and systematic uncertainties, respectively.

Version 2 modifications: Data points in tables and attached correlation matrices were updated to match the corrected measurements published in erratum JHEP 1705 (2017) 074.

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