First measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in bottom-quark pair production at high mass

The CDF collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 92 (2015) 032006, 2015.

Abstract (data abstract)
Fermilab-Tevatron. We measure the particle-level forward-backward production asymmetry in $b\bar{b}$ pairs with masses $(m_{b\bar{b}})$ larger than 150 GeV/$c^2$, using events with hadronic jets and employing jet charge to distinguish $b$ from $\bar{b}$. The measurement uses 9.5 fb$^{-1}$ of $p\bar{p}$ collisions at a center of mass energy of 1.96 TeV recorded by the CDF II detector. The asymmetry as a function of $m_{b\bar{b}}$ is consistent with zero, as well as with the predictions of the standard model. The measurement disfavors a simple model including an axigluon with a mass of 200 GeV/$c^2$ whereas a model containing a heavier 345 GeV/$c^2$ axigluon is not excluded.

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