Inclusive J/$\psi$ production at forward and backward rapidity in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 8.16 TeV
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The ALICE collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
CERN-LHC. Inclusive J/Psi production is studied in pPb interactions at a centre-of-mass energy per nucleon-nucleon collision sqrt(s_NN) =8.16 TeV, using the ALICE detector at the CERN LHC. The J/Psi meson is reconstructed, via its decay to a muon pair, in the centre-of-mass rapidity intervals 2.03<y_cms<3.53 and -4.46<y_cms<2.96, where positive and negative y_cms refer to the p-going and Pb-going direction, respectively. The transverse momentum coverage is pT<20 GeV/c. In this paper, y_cms- and pT-differential cross sections for inclusive J/Psi production are presented, and the corresponding nuclear modification factors RpPb are shown. Forward results show a suppression of the J/Psi yield with respect to pp collisions, concentrated in the region pT<~5 GeV/c. At backward rapidity no significant suppression is observed. The results are compared to previous measurements by ALICE in pPb collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 TeV and to theoretical calculations. Finally, the ratios RFB between forward- and backward-y_cms RpPb values are shown and discussed.

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