Centrality and pseudorapidity dependence of charged hadron production at intermediate $p_{T}$ in Au + Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 130-GeV
Phys.Rev.C 70 (2004) 044901, 2004.
The STAR collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
'We present STAR measurements of charged hadron production as a function of centrality in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 130 GeV. The measurements cover a phase space region of 0.2 $<$ $p_{T}$ $<$ 6.0 GeV/c in transverse momentum and -1 $<$ $\eta$ $<$ 1 in pseudorapidity. Inclusive transverse momentum distributions of charged hadrons in the pseudorapidity region 0.5 $<$ $|\eta|$ $<$ 1 are reported and compared to our previously published results for $|\eta|$ $<$ 0.5. No significant difference is seen for inclusive $p_{T}$ distributions of charged hadrons in these two pseudorapidity bins. We measured dN/d$\eta$ distributions and truncated mean $p_{T}$ in a region of $p_{T}$ $>$ $p_{T}^{cut}$, and studied the results in the framework of participant and binary scaling. No clear evidence is observed for participant scaling of charged hadron yield in the measured $p_{T}$ region. The relative importance of hard scattering process is investigated through binary scaling fraction of particle production.'

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