Pion, kaon, proton and anti-proton transverse momentum distributions from $p + p$ and $d +$ Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$GeV
Phys.Lett.B 616 (2005) 8-16, 2005.
The STAR collaboration

Abstract (data abstract)
'Identified mid-rapidity particle spectra of $\pi^{\pm}$, $K^{\pm}$, and p($\bar{p}$) from 200 GeV p+p and d+Au collisions are reported. A time-of-flight detector based on multi-gap resistive plate chamber technology is used for particle identification. The particle-species dependence of the Cronin effect is observed to be significantly smaller than that at lower energies. The ratio of the nuclear modification factor ($R_{dAu}$) between protons (p+$\bar{p}$) and charged hadrons (h) in the transverse momentum range 1.2 $<$ $p_{T}$ $<$ 3.0 GeV/c is measured to be 1.19$\pm$0.05(stat)$\pm$0.03(syst) in minimum-bias collisions and shows little centrality dependence. The yield ratio of (p+$\bar{p}$)/h in minimum-bias d+Au collisions is found to be a factor of 2 lower than that in Au+Au collisions, indicating that the Cronin effect alone is not enough to account for the relative baryon enhangement observed in heavy ion collisions at RHIC.'

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