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Measurement of Charged Pion Production Yields off the NuMI Target

The MIPP collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 90 (2014) 032001, 2014.

Abstract (data abstract)
FNAL-E. The fixed-target MIPP experiment, Fermilab E907, was designed to measure the production of hadrons from the collisions of hadrons of momenta ranging from 5 to 120 GeV on a variety of nuclei. These data will generally improve the simulation of particle detectors and predictions of particle beam fluxes at accelerators. The spectrometer momentum resolution is between 3 and 4%, and particle identification is performed for particles ranging between 0.3 and 80 GeV using D(E)/DX, time-of-flight and Cherenkov radiation measurements. MIPP collected 1.42*10**6 events of 120 GeV Main Injector protons striking a graphite target used in the NuMI facility at Fermilab. The data have been analyzed and we present here charged pion yields per proton-on-target determined in bins of longitudinal and transverse momentum between 0.5 and 80 GeV, with combined statistical and systematic relative uncertainties between 5 and 10%.

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    The production yields of PI+ and PI- and the ratio of these yields. The first uncertainty given on each value...

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