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Measurement of the $e^+ e^− \to \pi^+ \pi^−$ cross section between 600 and 900 MeV using initial state radiation

The BESIII collaboration
Phys.Lett.B 753 (2016) 629-638, 2016.

Abstract (data abstract)
Erratum (arXiv:2009.05011): In arXiv:1507.08188 the BESIII collaboration published a cross section measurement of the process $e^+e^-\to \pi^+ \pi^-$ in the energy range between 600 and 900 MeV. In this erratum we report a corrected evaluation of the statistical errors in terms of a fully propagated covariance matrix. The correction also yields a reduced statistical uncertainty for the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, which now reads as $a_\mu^{\pi\pi\mathrm{, LO}}(600 - 900\,\mathrm{MeV}) = (368.2 \pm 1.5_{\rm stat} \pm 3.3_{\rm syst})\times 10^{-10}$. The central values of the cross section measurement and of $a_\mu^{\pi\pi\mathrm{, LO}}$, as well as the systematic uncertainties remain unchanged.

  • Table 1

    Data from Table 1 of Erratum


    Results for the bare cross section $\sigma^\text{bare}_{\pi^+\pi^-}$ and the pion form factor together with their statistical uncertainties. The systematical uncertainties...

Version 2 modifications: This revision contains a corrected evaluation of the statistical errors, as reported in an Erratum (https://inspirehep.net/literature/1819729) by the BESIII Collaboration.

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