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Measurement of angular asymmetries in the decays $B \to K^*ℓ^+ℓ^-$

The BaBar collaboration
Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) 052015, 2016

Abstract (data abstract)
SLAC-PEP2. We study the lepton forward-backward asymmetry $A_{FB}$ and the longitudinal $K^*$ polarization $F_L$, as well as an observable $P_2$ derived from them, in the rare decays $B \to K^*\ell^+\ell^-$, where $\ell^+\ell^-$ is either $e^+e^-$ or $\mu^+\mu^-$, using the full sample of 471 million $B\bar{B}$ events collected at the $\Upsilon(4S)$ resonance with the $BABAR$ detector at the PEP-II $e^+e^-$ collider. We separately fit and report results for the $K^{*0}(892)\ell^+\ell^-$ and $K^{*+}(892)\ell^+\ell^-$ final states, as well as their combination $K^{*}\ell^+\ell^-$, in five disjoint dilepton mass-squared bins. An angular analysis of $B^+\rightarrow K^{*+}\ell^+\ell^-$ decays is presented here for the first time.

  • Table 1

    Data from Table 4


    $F_L$ angular fit results.

  • Table 2

    Data from Table 5


    $A_{FB}$ angular fit results.

  • Table 3

    Data from Table 11


    $P_2$ results with total uncertainties.

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