Measurement of the $W^+W^-$ production cross section in $pp$ collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with the ATLAS experiment

The ATLAS collaboration
Phys.Lett.B 773 (2017) 354-374, 2017.

Abstract (data abstract)
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  • Table 1


    The measured fiducial cross section P P --> WW --> $e^\pm \mu^\mp$.

  • Table 2


    Detailed breakdown of the systematic uncertainties in the fiducial cross-section measurement as a result of the simultaneous fit to signal...

  • Table 3


    Systematic uncertainty correlation matrix for the fiducial cross section.

  • Table 4

    Data from T 5


    Extrapolation factors AWW -- used to extrapolate from the fiducial particle level to the total phase space.

  • Table 5


    Cross sections and ratios (13/8 TeV) -- experimental and PDF uncertainties are treated as uncorrelated, scale uncertainties are correlated between...

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