Search for heavy neutrinos in $\pi \to \mu\nu$ decay

The PIENU collaboration
Phys.Lett.B 798 (2019) 134980, 2019.

Heavy neutrinos were sought in pion decays $\pi^+ \rightarrow \mu^+ \nu$ by examining the observed muon energy spectrum for extra peaks in addition to the expected peak for a massless neutrino. No evidence for heavy neutrinos was observed. Upper limits were set on the neutrino mixing matrix $|U_{\mu i}|^2$ in the neutrino mass region of 15.7--33.8 MeV/c$^2$, improving on previous results by an order of magnitude.

  • Table 1

    Physics Letters B 798 (2019) 134980


    90% C.L. upper limits in Tmu<1.2MeV

  • Table 2

    Physics Letters B 798 (2019) 134980


    90% C.L. upper limits in Tmu>1.2MeV

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