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Asymmetry in the Angular Distribution of Inclusive $\Lambda$ Baryons From $e^+ e^-$ Annihilations at $\sqrt{s}=29$-{GeV}

Phys.Lett.B 181 (1986) 403-406, 1986.

Abstract (data abstract)
SLAC-PEP. Measurement of the asymmetry in the angular distribution of inclusive LAMBDA baryons in e+e- annihilation at sqrt(s) = 29 Gev. ASYMMETRY is defined as the difference between the number of lambdas in the FORWARD and BACKWARD regions divided by the total. The FORWARD region is cos.theta LT zero (GT zero) for LAMBDA (LAMBDABAR) baryons, and BACKWARD is cos.theta (GT zero) LT zero for the LAMBDA (LAMBDABAR)s. THETA is the angle between the LAMBDA or LAMBDABAR momentum vector and the direction of the incoming positron beam.

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