Constraints on Higgs boson production with large transverse momentum using $H\rightarrow b\bar{b}$ decays in the ATLAS detector

The ATLAS collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 092003, 2022.

Abstract (data abstract)
CERN-LHC. Constraints of Higgs boson production with transverse momentum up to the TeV scale. The analyzed pp collision data were recorded with the ATLAS detector at the LHC with a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 136 fb^-1. Higgs bosons decaying to bb are reconstructed as single large-radius jets and identified by the experimental signature of two b-hadron decays. The two cross-section measurement channels: - Fiducial analysis considers events with a candidate jet with pT > 450 GeV. The signal strength corresponds to events within a fiducial volume which include ggF+VBF+VH+ttH produced events with pT(H) > 450 GeV and |yH| < 2. - Differential analysis considers events within four bins of candidate jet pT 250-450 GeV, 450-650 GeV, 650-1000 GeV, > 1 TeV. The four signal strengths correspond to events within STXS-like volumes which include ggF+VBF+VH+ttH produced events with |yH| < 2 that are in of the the four pT(H) ranges 300-450 GeV, 450-650 GeV, 650-1000 GeV, and > 1 TeV.

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  • SM cross sections

    Data from Table 17 of the auxiliary material


    Predicted Higgs boson production cross sections within fiducial volumes obtained from the four production mode MC samples (ggF, VBF, VH,...

  • Cutflow ggF

    Data from Table 18 of the auxiliary material


    The efficiency for simulated ggF events to pass each analysis cut.

  • Cutflow VBF

    Data from Table 19 of the auxiliary material


    The efficiency for simulated VBF events to pass each analysis cut.

  • Cutflow VH

    Data from Table 20 of the auxiliary material


    The efficiency for simulated VH events to pass each analysis cut.

  • Cutflow ttH

    Data from Table 21 of the auxiliary material


    The efficiency for simulated ttH events to pass each analysis cut.

  • Fractional contribution

    Data from Table 4 of paper


    The fractional contribution of each production mode to a given analysis region around the Higgs boson peak, defined as 105...

  • Acceptance times efficiency - fiducial

    Data from Table 9 of paper


    Signal acceptance times efficiency within the fiducial volume used in the fiducial region.

  • Acceptance times efficiency - differential

    Data from Table 12 of paper


    Signal acceptance times efficiency for the STXS volumes in the differential measurement. Along with the pTH requirements shown, |yH |...

  • Event yields - fiducial

    Data from Table 22 in auxiliary material


    Event yields and associated uncertainties after the global likelihood fit in the pT(H) > 450 GeV fiducial region. The total...

  • Event yields - differential

    Data from Table 23 in auxiliary material


    Event yields and associated uncertainties after the global likelihood fit of the differential regions. The total background yield can differ...

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