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Experimental study of b quark jets in e+ e- annihilation at TRISTAN

The TOPAZ collaboration
Phys.Lett. B278 (1992) 506-510, 1992

Abstract (data abstract)
KEK-TRISTAN. Study of b-quark jets identified by high PT electrons in e+ e- annihilation at cm energy 58 GeV by the TOPAZ Collaboration. Forward backward asymmetry is obtained together with mean values of several jet measures. b-quark jet purity is (68.0 +- 3.0 pct).

  • Table 1

    Data from P 508


    No description provided.

  • Table 2

    Data from P 508


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  • Table 3

    Data from T 1


    Mean values of jet properties for b-jet sample.

  • Table 4

    Data from T 1


    Mean values of jet properties for average jet sample.

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