Forward - backward charge asymmetry of quark pairs produced at the KEK TRISTAN e+ e- collider

The AMY collaboration
Phys.Rev.D 49 (1994) 3098-3105, 1994.

Abstract (data abstract)
KEK-TRISTAN. AMY Collaboration. Measurement of forward-backward asymmetry of quarks produced in e+ e- annihilation at sqrt(s) between 50 and 60.8 GeV. Result is for all quarks summed over all flavours. Production angle was defined withrespect to E- and negatively charged JET- fragmented from d, s, b quarks and u, c antiquarks.. Preliminary data seen in PRL 64, 983, (& lt;a href= gt; RED = 1573 & lt;/a& gt;).

  • Table 1

    Data from P 3104


    Forward--backward asymmetry summed over all flavours of quarks.

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