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Measurement of the double spin asymmetry A-LL for inclusive multi gamma pair production with 200-GeV/c polarized proton beam and polarized proton target

The FNAL E581/704 collaboration
Phys.Lett.B 336 (1994) 269-274, 1994.

Abstract (data abstract)
FERMILAB. Measurement of the double-spin asymmetry (KLL) for inclusive multi-gamma production with a 200 GeV polarized proton beam and a polarized target. Multi-gamma pair production is defined as the detection of at least one gamma in each of the electromagnetic calorimeters on either side of the beam. Data is also given for the invariant double-differential cross section for multi-gamma production and for double neutral pion production. Numerical values supplied by S. Makino.. KLL is coded here as POL.POL(NAME=ALL).

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    Data from F 2


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    Data from F 2


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  • Table 3

    Data from T 1


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