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Measurement of the Hadronic Decay Current in tau- --> pi- pi- pi+ tau-neutrino

The OPAL collaboration
Z.Phys.C 67 (1995) 45-56, 1995.

Abstract (data abstract)
CERN-LEP. Measurement of the hadronic decay current in TAU- --& gt; 2PI- PI+ NUTAU.

  • Table 1

    Data from T 2


    See paper for definition of four weak decay formfactors : wa, wc, wd, we. For TAU+-.

  • Table 2

    Data from P 12


    Here ASYM is parity violating asymmetry parameter gamma_VA = 2g_v*g_A/(g_v **2+g_A**2) (see paper).

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