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Measurement of the differences in the total cross-section for antiparallel and parallel longitudinal spins and a measurement of parity nonconservation with incident polarized protons and anti-protons at 200-GeV/c

The E581/704 collaboration
Phys.Rev. D55 (1997) 1159-1187, 1997

Abstract (data abstract)
FERMILAB-TEVATRON. Measurement of the difference in the pp (and pbar p) total cross sections for antiparallel and parallel spin states using 200 GeV polarised proton (and antiproton) beams incident on a polarised target. The difference SIG(NAME=CLL) is defined as SIG(S1=Z,S2=-Z)-SIG(S1=Z,S2=Z). Values of the parity nonconservation parameter CONST(NAME=AL) defined as (1/POL(C=BEAM))*(SIG(S1=Z,S2=Z)-SIG(S1=Z,S2=-Z))/(SIG(S1=Z,S2=Z)+SIG(S1=Z,S2=-Z are also given.

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    Data from T 9-11


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