Measurement of the $\phi \to \pi^0 e^+e^-$ transition form factor with the KLOE detector

The KLOE-2 collaboration Anastasi, A. ; Babusci, D. ; Bencivenni, G. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B757 (2016) 362-367, 2016.
Inspire Record 1416825 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.77046

A measurement of the vector to pseudoscalar conversion decay ϕ→π0e+e− with the KLOE experiment is presented. A sample of ∼9500 signal events was selected from a data set of 1.7 fb −1 of e+e− collisions at s∼mϕ collected at the DAΦNE e+e− collider. These events were used to perform the first measurement of the transition form factor |Fϕπ0(q2)| and a new measurement of the branching ratio of the decay: BR(ϕ→π0e+e−)=(1.35±0.05−0.10+0.05)×10−5 . The result improves significantly on previous measurements and is in agreement with theoretical predictions.

1 data table

KLOE measurement of the transition form factor $| F_{\phi \, \pi^0}(q^2) |$ of the $\phi \to \pi^0 e^+e^-$ decay.