Beam-Spin Asymmetries in the Azimuthal Distribution of Pion Electroproduction

The HERMES collaboration Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, Z. ; Amarian, M. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 648 (2007) 164-170, 2007.
Inspire Record 735612 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.41783

A measurement of the beam-spin asymmetry in the azimuthal distribution of pions produced in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering off protons is presented. The measurement was performed using the {HERMES} spectrometer with a hydrogen gas target and the longitudinally polarized 27.6 GeV positron beam of HERA. The sinusoidal amplitude of the dependence of the asymmetry on the angle $\phi$ of the hadron production plane around the virtual photon direction relative to the lepton scattering plane was measured for $\pi^+,\pi^-$ and $\pi^0$ mesons. The dependence of this amplitude on the Bjorken scaling variable and on the pion fractional energy and transverse momentum is presented. The results are compared to theoretical model calculations.

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Measurement of the spin asymmetry in the photoproduction of pairs of high p(T) hadrons at HERMES

The HERMES collaboration Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, N. ; Amarian, M. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 84 (2000) 2584-2588, 2000.
Inspire Record 503784 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.43919

We present a measurement of the longitudinal spin asymmetry A_|| in photoproduction of pairs of hadrons with high transverse momentum p_T. Data were accumulated by the HERMES experiment using a 27.5 GeV polarized positron beam and a polarized hydrogen target internal to the HERA storage ring. For h+h- pairs with p_T^h_1 > 1.5 GeV/c and p_T^h_2 > 1.0 GeV/c, the measured asymmetry is A_|| = -0.28 +/- 0.12 (stat.) +/- 0.02 (syst.). This negative value is in contrast to the positive asymmetries typically measured in deep inelastic scattering from protons, and is interpreted to arise from a positive gluon polarization.

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Precise determination of the spin structure function g(1) of the proton, deuteron and neutron

The HERMES collaboration Airapetian, A. ; Akopov, N. ; Akopov, Z. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.D 75 (2007) 012007, 2007.
Inspire Record 726689 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.11211

Precise measurements of the spin structure functions of the proton $g_1^p(x,Q^2)$ and deuteron $g_1^d(x,Q^2)$ are presented over the kinematic range $0.0041 \leq x \leq 0.9$ and $0.18 $ GeV$^2$ $\leq Q^2 \leq 20$ GeV$^2$. The data were collected at the HERMES experiment at DESY, in deep-inelastic scattering of 27.6 GeV longitudinally polarized positrons off longitudinally polarized hydrogen and deuterium gas targets internal to the HERA storage ring. The neutron spin structure function $g_1^n$ is extracted by combining proton and deuteron data. The integrals of $g_1^{p,d}$ at $Q^2=5$ GeV$^2$ are evaluated over the measured $x$ range. Neglecting any possible contribution to the $g_1^d$ integral from the region $x \leq 0.021$, a value of $0.330 \pm 0.011\mathrm{(theo.)}\pm0.025\mathrm{(exp.)}\pm 0.028$(evol.) is obtained for the flavor-singlet axial charge $a_0$ in a leading-twist NNLO analysis.

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