Experimental Limits on the Strength of Weak Neutral Currents in Lepton Pair Production at {PETRA} Energies

The JADE collaboration Bartel, W. ; Cords, D. ; Dittmann, P. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 99 (1981) 281-286, 1981.
Inspire Record 156813 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.27121

The processes e + e − → e + e − and μ + μ − have been studied at PETRA using the JADE detector. The data, which were collected at s -values of up to 1300 GeV 2 have been analysed in terms of an electro-weak extension of QED to obtain values for the weak vector and axial vector couplings in the lepton sector. The values obtained agree with the predictions of the standard Salam-Weinberg model and the data are further analysed in terms of this model to obtain the limits 0.10 < sin 2 ϑ w < 0.40 (68% CL). The mass of the neutral weak gauge boson is deduced to be greater than 51 GeV/ c 2 .

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