Minijet deformation and charge-independent angular correlations on momentum subspace (eta, phi) in Au-Au collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 130-GeV

The STAR collaboration
Phys.Rev.C 73 (2006) 064907, 2006.

First measurements of charge-independent correlations on angular difference variables $\eta_1 - \eta_2$ (pseudorapidity) and $\phi_1 - \phi_2$ (azimuth) are presented for primary charged hadrons with transverse momentum $0.15 \leq p_t \leq 2$ GeV/$c$ and $|\eta| \leq 1.3$ from Au-Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 130$ GeV. Strong charge-independent angular correlations are observed associated with jet-like structures and elliptic flow. The width of the jet-like peak on $\eta_1 - \eta_2$ increases by a factor 2.3 from peripheral to central collisions, suggesting strong coupling of semi-hard scattered partons to a longitudinally-expanding medium. New methods of jet analysis introduced here provide evidence for nonperturbative QCD medium effects in heavy ion collisions.

  • Figure 1 a

    Data from Figure 1 a


    Two-particle CI joint autocorrelations $\widehat{N}(\widehat{r}-1)$ on $(\eta_{\Delta}, \phi_{\Delta})$ for most-central collisions.

  • Figure 1 b

    Data from Figure 1 b


    Two-particle CI joint autocorrelations $\widehat{N}(\widehat{r}-1)$ on $(\eta_{\Delta}, \phi_{\Delta})$ for mid-central collisions.

  • Figure 1 c

    Data from Figure 1 c


    Two-particle CI joint autocorrelations $\widehat{N}(\widehat{r}-1)$ on $(\eta_{\Delta}, \phi_{\Delta})$ for mid-peripheral collisions.

  • Figure 1 d

    Data from Figure 1 d


    Two-particle CI joint autocorrelations $\widehat{N}(\widehat{r}-1)$ on $(\eta_{\Delta}, \phi_{\Delta})$ for peripheral collisions.

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