Prompt Electron Production From Delco at {PEP}

The DELCO collaboration Pal, T. ; Atwood, W.B. ; Barish, B.C. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.D 33 (1986) 2708, 1986.
Inspire Record 226886 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.23516

We report final results on prompt electron production in hadronic events from e+e− annihilations at √s =29 GeV, obtained with the DELCO detector at the SLAC storage ring PEP. We find the semielectronic branching ratios of charm and bottom quarks to be B(c→se+νe)=(11.6−0.9 +1.1)% and B(b→ce−ν¯e)=(14.9−1.9 +2.2)% respectively. These results, from the complete data set, are consistent with an earlier analysis of partial data and indicate hard fragmentation functions for both c and b quarks, with mean values 〈zc〉=0.59±0.04 and 〈zb〉=0.72±0.05. The errors indicated here are a combination of statistical and systematic uncertainties.

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Axis error includes +- 0.0/0.0 contribution (NOT GIVEN).

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Axis error includes +- 0.0/0.0 contribution (NOT GIVEN).


Pion Pair Production From $\gamma \gamma$ Interactions at {PEP} and the Radiative Width of the F0 Meson

The DELCO collaboration Courau, A. ; Johnson, R.P. ; Sherman, S.S. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 147 (1984) 227-231, 1984.
Inspire Record 202552 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.30498

Results are presented of an untagged e + e − → e + e − + π + π − experiment performed at PEP with the DELCO detector. In the invariant-mass range 0.7 ⩽ W ππ < 2.0 GeV/ c 2 , the QED e + e − background is identified and eliminated, and both the π + π − predictions and the μ + μ − and K + K − background substractions are normalized to the measurement of the e e + e − events. The results agree with a simple model of superposition and interference of the f 0 (1270) resonance, produced with helicity 2, with a Born-term continuum. From a fit of the model to the data, the radiative width of the f 0 is determined to be Γ f 0 → γγ = 2.70 ± 0.21 keV.

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