Submission Steps

Submissions are handled by Coordinators for an experiment or a physics group within an experiment. These Coordinators assign an Uploader and a Reviewer to each submission after clicking the "Submit" button when they are logged in.

An email is sent to the designated Uploader with a link which gives the privileges to upload a data submission. Once the Uploader thinks their submission is ready for review, they should click the "Notify Participants" button.

An email is then sent to the designated Reviewer with a link which assigns the appropriate privileges. The Reviewer needs to mark each table as having "Passed" review before clicking the "Notify Coordinator" button. The Coordinator can then "Finalise" the submission from their Dashboard if an INSPIRE record for the publication has been attached. The entire submission will then be published and made searchable in HEPData.

All current submissions are available for a Coordinator, Reviewer, or Uploader to see in their Dashboard.

See also Section 6 of arXiv:1704.05473 for an overview of the submission process.

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Advice for Uploaders

The main documentation for the HEPData YAML submission format is linked below, together with a third-party library that might be useful in preparing your submission. You can also easily obtain the YAML format of any existing HEPData record by clicking "Download All" then "YAML" or "YAML with resource files".

Submission Documentation hepdata_lib

The GitHub repositories linked below provide more details on the submission format and some examples, together with tools to convert from the old HepData input format to the new HEPData YAML format and to validate the HEPData YAML format offline. These conversion and validation tools are automatically invoked from the web interface when an Uploader uploads their submission files.

Submission Format Example Files Conversion Tools Validation Tools

The link below gives more older documentation on the submission process and also provides some C++ code to convert .txt files to .yaml files.


Advice for Reviewers

The HEPData review system is completely self contained. You can have discussions about each data table and its associated plot, as well as approve or reject a data table directly from the interface, which can be accessed by clicking the speech bubble to the right of each data table (provided review privileges have been granted).

The data tables have interactive plots automatically generated given particular data types, so you can also visually query the data to find mistakes in the table.

After all data tables have passed review, the Reviewer should contact the Coordinator to finalise the record. This can be done by clicking the "Notify Coordinator" button that appears after all tables have "Passed" review.