Study of $\omega \omega$ Systems Produced in 38-{GeV}/$c \pi^- p$ Collisions

The IHEP-IISN-LANL-LAPP-TSUIHEP collaboration Alde, D. ; Binon, F.G. ; Bricman, C. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B216 (1989) 451, 1989.
Inspire Record 267049 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29857

The π − p→ ωω n reaction has studied for the first time at the 70 GeV IHEP accelerator. The six photons from the decay of the two ω mesons were detected in GAMS-2000, a hodoscope multi-photon spectometer. Two resonances decaying into ωω,X (1640) and X(1960), have been observed. Their quantum numbers are J PC =2 ++ , I G =0 + . The reaction is dominated by the one-pion exchange mechanism. The production cross sections σ. BR(X→ ωω ) are 0.65±0.15 μ b and 1.0±0.2 μ b, respectively.

2 data tables

X(1640) IS A JPC - 2++, IG - 0+ MESON WITH MASS 1643+-7 MEV.

X(1960) IS A JPC - 2++, IG - 0+ MESON WITH MASS 1956+-20 MEV.