Inclusive $D^{*\pm}$ production in photon-photon collisions

The TPC/Two-Gamma collaboration Alston-Garnjost, M. ; Avery, R.E. ; Barker, A.R. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B252 (1990) 499-504, 1990.
Inspire Record 299662 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29510
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Test of spin dependence in charm-quark fragmentation to $D^*$

The TPC/Two-Gamma collaboration Aihara, H. ; Alston-Garnjost, M. ; Avery, R.E. ; et al.
Phys.Rev. D43 (1991) 29-33, 1991.
Inspire Record 316132 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.22830

We have measured the polarization of D*, the energy dependence of the polarization, and the spin-density matrix of D* in e+e− annihilation at a center-of-mass energy of 29 GeV using the Time Projection Chamber detector at the SLAC storage ring PEP. In 147 pb−1 of data we see no strong evidence for polarization, alignment, or final-state interactions in this fragmentation process.

2 data tables

Polarization is the factor alpha(z) in the expression d width (D*-->D pi)/domega = C(1+alpha(z)cos(theta)**2).

Spin density matrices for D* --> D0 pi+.