Cross-section Measurements for the Reactions Neutrino $p \to \mu^- \pi^+ p$ and Neutrino $p \to \mu^- K^+ p$ at High-energies

Bell, J. ; Coffin, C.T. ; Diamond, R.N. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 41 (1978) 1008, 1978.
Inspire Record 131344 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.24326

We present results for the reactions νp→μ−π+p and νp→μ−K+p at energies above 5 GeV. The average cross section for the first reaction between 15 and 40 GeV is (0.80±0.12) × 10−38 cm2 and for events with Mπ+p<1.4 GeV is (0.55±0.08) × 10−38 cm2. The ratio of the cross section for the second reaction to that for the first is 0.017±0.010.

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Inclusive Charm Cross-Sections in 800-GeV/c p p Interactions

The LEBC-MPS collaboration Ammar, R. ; Banerjee, S. ; Baland, J.F. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 183 (1987) 110, 1987.
Inspire Record 233423 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.42573

We report a measurement of the inclusive D/D̄ production cross section in 800 GeV/ c proton-proton interactions. The experiment used the high resolution bubble chamber LEBC exposed to an 800 GeV/ c proton beam at the Fermilab MPS. We obtain σ( D/ D ̄ )=59 −15 +22 μ b (statistical errors), having analysed 25% of the total data sample. Comparison with 400 GeV/ c pp dat a obtained with LEBC at CERN shows a D/D̄ cross section increase by a factor of 1.7 −0.5 +0.7 . This is in good agreement with fusion model calculations.

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Shadowing in inelastic scattering of muons on carbon, calcium and lead at low x(Bj)

The E665 collaboration Adams, M.R. ; Aïd, S. ; Anthony, P.L. ; et al.
Z.Phys.C 67 (1995) 403-410, 1995.
Inspire Record 394981 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.41664

Nuclear shadowing is observed in the per-nucleon cross-sections of positive muons on carbon, calcium and lead as compared to deuterium. The data were taken by Fermilab experiment E665 using inelastically scattered muons of mean incident momentum 470 GeV/c. Cross-section ratios are presented in the kinematic region 0.0001 < XBj <0.56 and 0.1 < Q**2 < 80 GeVc. The data are consistent with no significant nu or Q**2 dependence at fixed XBj. As XBj decreases, the size of the shadowing effect, as well as its A dependence, are found to approach the corresponding measurements in photoproduction.

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Cross-sections for Neutrino Production of Charmed Particles

The Fermilab E531 collaboration Ushida, N. ; Kondo, T. ; Tasaka, S. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 206 (1988) 375-379, 1988.
Inspire Record 269384 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.42539

We have found 122 charmed-particle decays among 3855 neutrino interactions located in the fiducial volume of a hybrid emulsion spectrometer installed in the Fermilab wide-band neutrino beam. We obtain an average relative charmed-particle production cross section of σ(ν μ → c μ − ) σ(ν μ →μ − ) =4.9 −0.6 +0.7 % , at an average neutrino energy of 22 GeV. We also obtain a production rate of σ(ν μ → c c ν μ ) σ(ν μ →ν μ ) =0.13 −0.11 +0.31 % , if we assume that there was an undetected muon, a limit of σ(ν μ → c c μ − ) σ(ν μ → c μ − )<3% (90% CL ) can be obtained. Other cross section ratios and limits are also presented.

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