Measurement of the left-right forward - backward asymmetry for charm quarks with D*+ and D+ mesons

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Abt, I. ; Ahn, C.J. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 75 (1995) 3609-3613, 1995.
Inspire Record 404272 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19646

We present a direct measurement of Ac=2vcac(vc2+ac2) from the left-right forward-backward asymmetry of D*+ and D+ mesons in Z0 events produced with the longitudinally polarized SLAC Linear Collider beam. These Z0→cc¯ events are tagged on the basis of event kinematics and decay topology from a sample of hadronic Z0 decays recorded by the SLAC Large Detector. We measure Ac0=0.73±0.22(stat)±0.10(syst).

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Measurement of the polarized forward - backward asymmetry of Z0 ---> b anti-b using a lifetime tag and momentum weighted track charge

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Abt, I. ; Ahn, C.J. ; et al.
SLAC-PUB-6979, 1995.
Inspire Record 398301 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.18618


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First measurement of the t odd correlation between the Z0 spin and the three jet plane orientation in polarized Z0 decays to three jets

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Abt, I. ; Ahn, C.J. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 75 (1995) 4173-4177, 1995.
Inspire Record 400920 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19601

We present the first measurement of the correlation between the $Z^0$ spin and the three-jet plane orientation in polarized $Z^0$ decays into three jets in the SLD experiment at SLAC utilizing a longitudinally polarized electron beam. The CP-even and T-odd triple product $\vec{S_Z}\cdot(\vec{k_1}\times \vec{k_2})$ formed from the two fastest jet momenta, $\vec{k_1}$ and $\vec{k_2}$, and the $Z^0$ polarization vector $\vec{S_Z}$, is sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model. We measure the expectation value of this quantity to be consistent with zero and set 95\% C.L. limits of $-0.022 < \beta < 0.039$ on the correlation between the $Z^0$-spin and the three-jet plane orientation.

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Asymmetry extracted from formula: (1/SIG(Q=3JET))*D(SIG)/D(COS(OMEGA)) = 9/16*[(1-1/3*(COS(OMEGA))**2) + ASYM*Az*(1-2*Pmis(ABS(COS(OMEGA))))*COS(OMEGA)], where OMEGA is polar angle of [k1,k2] vector (jet-plane normal), Pmis is the p robability of misassignment of of jet-plane normal, Az is beam polarization. Jets were reconstructed using the 'Durham' jet algorithm with a jet-resol ution parameter Yc = 0.005.

Polarized Bhabha scattering a precision measurement of the electron neutral current couplings

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Abt, I. ; Ahn, C.J. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 74 (1995) 2880-2884, 1995.
Inspire Record 376916 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19647

We present the first measurement of the left-right asymmetry in Bhabha scattering with a polarized electron beam. The effective electron vector and axial vector couplings to the Z0 are extracted from a combined analysis of the polarized Bhabha scattering data and the left-right asymmetry previously published by this collaboration.

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Direct measurement of leptonic coupling asymmetries with polarized Zs

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Akagi, T. ; Allen, N.J. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 79 (1997) 804-808, 1997.
Inspire Record 442260 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19552

We present direct measurements of the $Z~0$-lepton coupling asymmetry parameters, $A_e$, $A_\mu$, and $A_\tau$, based on a data sample of 12,063 leptonic $Z~0$ decays collected by the SLD detector. The $Z$ bosons are produced in collisions of beams of polarized $e~-$ with unpolarized $e~+$ at the SLAC Linear Collider. The couplings are extracted from the measurement of the left-right and forward-backward asymmetries for each lepton species. The results are: $A_e=0.152 \pm 0.012 {(stat)} \pm 0.001 {(syst)}$, $A_\mu=0.102 \pm 0.034 \pm 0.002$, and $A_\tau=0.195 \pm 0.034 \pm 0.003$.

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Precise measurement of the left-right cross-section asymmetry in Z boson production by e+ e- collisions

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Abt, I. ; Ash, W.W. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 73 (1994) 25-29, 1994.
Inspire Record 373007 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19681

We present a precise measurement of the left-right cross section asymmetry ($A_{LR}$) for $Z$ boson production by $\ee$ collisions. The measurement was performed at a center-of-mass energy of 91.26 GeV with the SLD detector at the SLAC Linear Collider (SLC). The luminosity-weighted average polarization of the SLC electron beam was (63.0$\pm$1.1)%. Using a sample of 49,392 $\z0$ decays, we measure $A_{LR}$ to be 0.1628$\pm$0.0071(stat.)$\pm$0.0028(syst.) which determines the effective weak mixing angle to be $\swein=0.2292\pm0.0009({\rm stat.})\pm0.0004({\rm syst.})$.}

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The observed, corrected, asymmetry. L and R refer to the left and right handed beam polarizations.

The left-right asymmetry and effective weak mixing angle corrected to the pole energy value, taking into account photon exchange and electro weak interferences. L and R refer to left and right beam polarizations.

Measurement of A(c) with charmed mesons at SLD

The SLD collaboration Abe, Kenji ; Abe, Koya ; Abe, Toshinori ; et al.
Phys.Rev.D 63 (2001) 032005, 2001.
Inspire Record 533573 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.41721

We present a direct measurement of the parity-violation parameter $A_c$ in the coupling of the $Z^0$ to $c$-quarks with the SLD detector. The measurement is based on a sample of 530k hadronic $Z^0$ decays, produced with a mean electron-beam polarization of $|P_e| = 73 %$. The tagging of $c$-quark events is performed using two methods: the exclusive reconstruction of $D^{\ast+}$, $D^+$, and $D^0$ mesons, and the soft-pions ($\pi_s$) produced in the decay of $D^{\ast+}\to D^0 \pi_s^+$. The large background from $D$ mesons produced in $B$ hadron decays is separated efficiently from the signal using precision vertex information. The combination of these two methods yields $A_c = 0.688 \pm 0.041.$

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CONST(NAME=A_C) is connected with the forward-backward asymmetry by following way: ASYM(NAME=FB) = ABS(P_e)*CONST(NAME=A_C)*2z/(1 + z**2), where z = cos(theta), theta is the polar angle of the outgoing fermion relative to the incident electron, P_e is the longitudinal polarization of the electron beam. Two values for constant A_c were obtained using two different c-quark tagging methods: exclusive charmed-meson reconstruction (C=EXCLUSIVE) and inclusive soft-pion analysis (C=SOFT_PIONS).

Forward - backward charge asymmetry of quark pairs produced at the KEK TRISTAN e+ e- collider

The AMY collaboration Stuart, D. ; Breedon, R.E. ; Chinitz, L.M. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.D 49 (1994) 3098-3105, 1994.
Inspire Record 378569 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.22552

We report on a measurement of the forward-backward charge asymmetry in e+e−→qq¯ at KEK TRISTAN, where the asymmetry is near maximum. We sum over all flavors and measure the asymmetry by determining the charge of the quark jets. In addition we exploit flavor dependencies in the jet charge determination to enhance the contributions of certain flavors. This provides a check on the asymmetries of individual flavors. The measurement agrees with the standard model expectations.

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Forward--backward asymmetry summed over all flavours of quarks.

Measurement of forward - backward charge asymmetry in the process of b quark production in e+ e- annihilation around s**(1/2) = 60-GeV

The VENUS collaboration Shirakata, M. ; Utsumi, M. ; Abe, K. ; et al.
Phys.Lett.B 278 (1992) 499-505, 1992.
Inspire Record 322085 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29242

We have measured the forward-backward charge asymmetry in the process of b-quark production in e + e − annihilation at TRISTAN. It was made possible by detecting prompt leptons from b-quarks. The obtained asymmetry is A = −0.55±0.15±0.08. If corrected for B-meson mixing effects with the assumptions given in the text, the asymmetry becomes A = f −0.78±0.21±0.11, which is consistent with the prediction of the standard model, namely the assignment of the b-quark to the isospin doublet of the third quark generation.

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Data uncorrected for meson mixing effects.

Data corrected for meson mixing effects.

Forward - backward charge asymmetry in $e^+e^- \to$ hadron jets

The AMY collaboration Stuart, D. ; Breedon, R.E. ; Kim, G.N. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 64 (1990) 983, 1990.
Inspire Record 283082 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19965

The forward-backward asymmetry of quarks produced in e+e− annihilations, summed over all flavors, is measured at √s between 50 and 60.8 GeV. Methods of determining the charge direction of jet pairs are discussed. The asymmetry is found to agree with the five-flavor standard model.

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Forward backward asymmetry summed over all flavours of quarks.