Direct measurement of leptonic coupling asymmetries with polarized Zs

The SLD collaboration Abe, K. ; Akagi, T. ; Allen, N.J. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 79 (1997) 804-808, 1997.
Inspire Record 442260 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19552

We present direct measurements of the $Z~0$-lepton coupling asymmetry parameters, $A_e$, $A_\mu$, and $A_\tau$, based on a data sample of 12,063 leptonic $Z~0$ decays collected by the SLD detector. The $Z$ bosons are produced in collisions of beams of polarized $e~-$ with unpolarized $e~+$ at the SLAC Linear Collider. The couplings are extracted from the measurement of the left-right and forward-backward asymmetries for each lepton species. The results are: $A_e=0.152 \pm 0.012 {(stat)} \pm 0.001 {(syst)}$, $A_\mu=0.102 \pm 0.034 \pm 0.002$, and $A_\tau=0.195 \pm 0.034 \pm 0.003$.

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DELPHI results on the Z0 resonance parameters through its hadronic and leptonic decay modes

The DELPHI collaboration Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; Adami, F. ; et al.
Conference Paper, 1990.
Inspire Record 298840 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.47313
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Analysis of Z0 couplings to charged leptons

The OPAL collaboration Akrawy, M.Z. ; Alexander, G. ; Allison, J. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B247 (1990) 458-472, 1990.
Inspire Record 297139 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29630
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Experimental limits on extra $Z$ bosons from $e^{+} e^{-}$ annihilation data with the VENUS detector at $\sqrt{s}$ = 50-GeV to approximately 64-GeV

The VENUS collaboration Abe, K. ; Amako, K. ; Arai, Y. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B246 (1990) 297-305, 1990.
Inspire Record 296392 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29664
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Measurements of the line shape of the $Z^0$ and determination of electroweak parameters from its hadronic and leptonic decays

The DELPHI collaboration Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; Adye, T. ; et al.
Nucl.Phys. B417 (1994) 3-57, 1994.
Inspire Record 372144 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.48413
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Search for a $Z^\prime$ at the $Z$ resonance

The L3 collaboration Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; Ahlen, S.P. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B306 (1993) 187-196, 1993.
Inspire Record 355489 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.28919
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Precise measurement of the e+ e- ---> mu+ mu- reaction at s**(1/2) = 57.77-GeV

The VENUS collaboration Miura, M. ; Odaka, S. ; Arima, T. ; et al.
Phys.Rev. D57 (1998) 5345-5362, 1998.
Inspire Record 452097 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.27142
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Final Results on $\mu$ and Tau Pair Production by the Jade Collaboration at {PETRA}

The JADE collaboration Hegner, S. ; Naroska, B. ; Schroth, F. ; et al.
Z.Phys. C46 (1990) 547-554, 1990.
Inspire Record 284560 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.15279
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Precision measurements of the neutral current from hadron and lepton production at LEP

The OPAL collaboration Acton, P.D. ; Alexander, G. ; Allison, John ; et al.
Z.Phys. C58 (1993) 219-238, 1993.
Inspire Record 352696 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.14495
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Tests of the standard model and constraints on new physics from measurements of fermion pair production at 189-GeV to 209-GeV at LEP

The OPAL collaboration
Eur.Phys.J. C33 (2004) 173-212, 2004.
Inspire Record 628491 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.43174

Cross-section and angular distributions for hadronic and lepton-pair final states in e+e- collisions at centre-of-mass energies between 189 GeV and 209 GeV, measured with the OPAL detector at LEP, are presented and compared with the predictions of the Standard Model. The measurements are used to determine the electromagnetic coupling constant alphaem at LEP2 energies. In addition, the results are used together with OPAL measurements at 91-183 GeV within the S-matrix formalism to determine the gamma-Z interference term and to make an almost model-independent measurement of the Z mass. Limits on extensions to the Standard Model described by effective four-fermion contact interactions or the addition of a heavy Z boson are also presented.

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Measurement of hadron and lepton pair production from $e^{+} e^{-}$ annihilation at center-of-mass energies of 130-GeV and 136-GeV

The ALEPH collaboration Buskulic, D. ; De Bonis, I. ; Decamp, D. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B378 (1996) 373-384, 1996.
Inspire Record 421552 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.47801
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Cross-sections and leptonic forward backward asymmetries from the Z0 running of LEP

The DELPHI collaboration Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; Adye, T. ; et al.
Eur.Phys.J. C16 (2000) 371-405, 2000.
Inspire Record 527605 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.49969
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Precise determination of the Z resonance parameters at LEP: 'Zedometry'

The OPAL collaboration
Eur.Phys.J. C19 (2001) 587-651, 2001.
Inspire Record 538108 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.49855

This final analysis of hadronic and leptonic cross-sections and of leptonic forward-backward asymmetries in e+e- collisions with the OPAL detector makes use of the full LEP1 data sample comprising 161 pb^-1 of integrated luminosity and 4.5 x 10^6 selected Z decays. An interpretation of the data in terms of contributions from pure Z exchange and from Z-gamma interference allows the parameters of the Z resonance to be determined in a model-independent way. Our results are in good agreement with lepton universality and consistent with the vector and axial-vector couplings predicted in the Standard Model. A fit to the complete dataset yields the fundamental Z resonance parameters: mZ = 91.1852 +- 0.0030 GeV, GZ = 2.4948 +- 0.0041 GeV, s0h = 41.501 +- 0.055 nb, Rl = 20.823 +- 0.044, and Afb0l = 0.0145 +- 0.0017. Transforming these parameters gives a measurement of the ratio between the decay width into invisible particles and the width to a single species of charged lepton, Ginv/Gl = 5.942 +- 0.027. Attributing the entire invisible width to neutrino decays and assuming the Standard Model couplings for neutrinos, this translates into a measurement of the effective number of light neutrino species, N_nu = 2.984 +- 0.013. Interpreting the data within the context of the Standard Model allows the mass of the top quark, mt = 162 +29-16 GeV, to be determined through its influence on radiative corrections. Alternatively, utilising the direct external measurement of mt as an additional constraint leads to a measurement of the strong coupling constant and the mass of the Higgs boson: alfa_s(mZ) = 0.127 +- 0.005 and mH = 390 +750-280 GeV.

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Measurement of $g$(a) and $g(V$), the Neutral Current Coupling Constants to Leptons

The L3 collaboration Adeva, B. ; Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B236 (1990) 109-115, 1990.
Inspire Record 283470 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29715
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A Study of the reaction e+ e- ---> mu+ mu- around the Z0 pole

The DELPHI collaboration Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; Adami, F. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B260 (1991) 240-248, 1991.
Inspire Record 314619 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29420
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Measurement and interpretation of fermion-pair production at LEP energies above the Z resonance

The DELPHI collaboration Abdallah, J. ; Abreu, P. ; Adam, W. ; et al.
Eur.Phys.J. C45 (2006) 589-632, 2006.
Inspire Record 699726 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.48590

This paper presents DELPHI measurements and interpretations of cross-sections, forward-backward asymmetries, and angular distributions, for the e+e- -> ffbar process for centre-of-mass energies above the Z resonance, from sqrt(s) ~ 130 - 207 GeV at the LEP collider. The measurements are consistent with the predictions of the Standard Model and are used to study a variety of models including the S-Matrix ansatz for e+e- -> ffbar scattering and several models which include physics beyond the Standard Model: the exchange of Z' bosons, contact interactions between fermions, the exchange of gravitons in large extra dimensions and the exchange of sneutrino in R-parity violating supersymmetry.

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Charge Asymmetry Measurement in $e^+ e^- \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ and $\tau^+ \tau^-$ Reactions at $\sqrt{s}=52$-{GeV}

The TOPAZ collaboration Adachi, I. ; Aihara, H. ; Dijkstra, H.B. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B208 (1988) 319-323, 1988.
Inspire Record 251920 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29948
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The L3 collaboration Adeva, B. ; Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; et al.
Inspire Record 294576 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29691
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Measurement of hadron and lepton-pair production in e+ e- collisions at s**(1/2) = 192-GeV to 208-GeV at LEP

The L3 collaboration Achard, P. ; Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; et al.
Eur.Phys.J. C47 (2006) 1-19, 2006.
Inspire Record 704275 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.48637

Hadron production and lepton-pair production in e+e- collisions are studied with data collected with the L3 detector at LEP at centre-of-mass energies sqrt{s}=192-208GeV. Using a total integrated luminosity of 453/pb, 36057 hadronic events and 12863 lepton-pair events are selected. The cross sections for hadron production and lepton-pair production are measured for the full sample and for events where no high-energy initial-state-radiation photon is emitted prior to the collisions. Lepton-pair events are further investigated and forward-backward asymmetries are measured. Finally, the differential cross sections for electron-positron pair-production is determined as a function of the scattering angle. An overall good agreement is found with Standard Model predictions.

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Cross-sections and charge asymmetries for e+ e- ---> mu+ mu- and e+ e- ---> tau+ tau- reactions at s**(1/2) = 52-GeV - 61.4-GeV

The TOPAZ collaboration Howell, B. ; Koltick, D.S. ; Tauchi, T. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B291 (1992) 206-212, 1992.
Inspire Record 336076 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.29061
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A Measurement of the Muon Pair Production in $e^+ e^-$ Annihilation at 38.3-{GeV} $\le \sqrt{s} \le$ 46.8-{GeV}

The CELLO collaboration Behrend, H.J. ; Burger, J. ; Criegee, L. ; et al.
Phys.Lett. B191 (1987) 209-216, 1987.
Inspire Record 244835 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.30180
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A Search for substructure of leptons and quarks with the CELLO detector

The CELLO collaboration Behrend, H.J. ; Criegee, L. ; Field, J.H. ; et al.
Z.Phys. C51 (1991) 149-156, 1991.
Inspire Record 301727 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.14981
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Electroweak Effects in $e^+ e^- \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ at 29-{GeV}

Fernandez, E. ; Ford, William T. ; Read, Alexander L. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 50 (1983) 1238, 1983.
Inspire Record 188749 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.20560
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Coupling Strengths of Weak Neutral Currents From Leptonic Final States at 22-{GeV} and 34-{GeV}

The CELLO collaboration Behrend, H.J. ; Chen, C. ; Fenner, H. ; et al.
Z.Phys. C16 (1983) 301, 1983.
Inspire Record 180756 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.16385
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Fernandez, E. ; Ford, William T. ; Read, Alexander L. ; et al.
Conference Paper, 1983.
Inspire Record 190846 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.18659
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