High-precision measurements of $\pi p$ elastic differential cross sections in the second resonance region

The EPECUR collaboration Alekseev, I.G. ; Andreev, V.A. ; Bordyuzhin, I.G. ; et al.
Phys.Rev. C91 (2015) 025205, 2015.
Inspire Record 1323450 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.67659

<p>Cross sections for <inline-formula><mml:math><mml:mrow><mml:msup><mml:mi>π</mml:mi><mml:mo>±</mml:mo></mml:msup><mml:mi>p</mml:mi></mml:mrow></mml:math></inline-formula> elastic scattering have been measured to high precision by the EPECUR Collaboration for beam momenta between 800 and 1240 MeV/<inline-formula><mml:math><mml:mi>c</mml:mi></mml:math></inline-formula> using the ITEP proton synchrotron. The data precision allows comparisons of the existing partial-wave analyses on a level not possible previously. These comparisons imply that over the covered energy range, the Carnegie-Mellon-Berkeley analysis is significantly more predictive when compared to versions of the Karlsruhe-Helsinki analyses.</p>

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