Limits on the production of direct photons in 200-A/GeV S-32 + Au collisions

The WA80 collaboration Albrecht, R. ; Antonenko, V. ; Awes, T.C. ; et al.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 76 (1996) 3506-3509, 1996.
Inspire Record 404322 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.19585

A search for the production of direct photons in S+Au collisions at 200AGeV has been carried out in the CERN-WA80 experiment. For central collisions the measured photon excess at each pT, averaged over the range 0.5≤pT≤2.5GeV/c, corresponded to 5.0% of the total inclusive photon yield with a statistical error of σstat=0.8% and a systematic error of σsyst=5.8%. Upper limits on the invariant yield for direct photon production at the 90% C.L. are presented. Possible implications for the dynamics of high-energy heavy-ion collisions are discussed.

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Transverse Momentum Distributions of Neutral Pions From Central and Peripheral $^{16}$O + Au Collisions at 200-a/{GeV}

The WA80 collaboration Albrecht, R. ; Awes, T.C. ; Baktash, C. ; et al.
Z.Phys. C47 (1990) 367-376, 1990.
Inspire Record 276573 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.15159

The production of neutral pions by the interaction of 200A·GeV p and16O projectiles with a Au target has been studied in the pseudorapidity range 1.5≦η≦2.1. Transverse momentum spectra have been measured between 0.4 GeV/c and 3.6 GeV/c and their dependence on the centrality of the collision has been investigated. The peripheral-collision spectra display a marked change of slope with a hard component starting at about 1.8 GeV/c, in contrast to central-collision data. The data are discussed in comparison to p+p and α+α data from the ISR.

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