Charged pion backward production in 15-GeV - 65-GeV proton nucleus collisions

Gavrishchuk, O.P. ; Moroz, N.S. ; Peresedov, V.P. ; et al.
Nucl.Phys. A523 (1991) 589-596, 1991.
Inspire Record 320447 DOI 10.17182/hepdata.36823

The differential cross sections of π − and π + meson production at a laboratory angle of 159° in collisions of 15–65 GeV protons with Be, C, Al, Ti, Mo and W targets are measured. The data are presented in the tables for Lorentz-invariant cross sections over the momentum range of pions from 0.25 to 0.95 GeV/ c . The slopes (“temperatures”) of a cumulative part of the pion spectra (the pion kinetic energy is >0.35 GeV) increase by 15–20% with changing A from 9 up to 184. Some discrepancy in the E -dependence of the temperature of the cumulative pion spectra is observed in the high-energy region studied, namely the temperature at 15–65 GeV, taking its slow rise over this range into account, contradicts that at 400 GeV.

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